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About Us

Welcome to Mira Wines - a private Boutique Vineyard in the heart of the Hunter Valley.

We are Kiros and Ana, a husband and wife team who until recently, like many Greek Australians, made wine in our garage. Early on, there were many hit and miss vintages, depending on what grapes arrived at Flemington markets each year. We decided to take our passion a little further, this time , out of Sydney and into Hunter Valley Wine country. We wanted to be hands on, to know and grow the fruit that would become our wine.

We are among a group of small vineyard owners and winemakers with an immense passion for our wines . Properties like ours typically produce under 2 thousand bottles each year. The vineyard is singularly hand pruned and cared for by the two of us. The spraying is contracted out to a very experienced and capable local.

In Greek, your "Mira" is your life’s journey….  your fate

The Ancient Greeks believed your Mira was determined at birth by the Three Fates . One spun the thread of life , one measured and one cut the thread .

Our logo ….

Our logo depicts an urn, which pays homage to our Greek heritage and was the first storage vessels for wine and olive oil. The cotton reel and scissors represent the story of the The Three Fates .

At Mira Wines, we believe that wine, like life, is there to be shared and enjoyed.