The Vines

The majority of the vines on our property were planted over 20 years ago, comprising of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. 

The Muscat vines on "The Hill" were planted nearly 70 years ago and are amongst the oldest in the Hunter Valley. They are precious to us both. They produce magnificent fruit, perfect for making Moscato or left on the vine to dry and be enjoyed on a cheese platter. The previous owners called the Muscat vines "the old girls" and we do too!


The Farm

Each year, we plant herbs, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, chillies, lettuce, spinach, and anything else that looks like it would do well. This provides us with fresh, seasonal produce for ourselves and the surplus we distribute to family and friends. 

There are a few funny characters that share the farm with us too! 

Harry & The Horses

Harry is an ex-racehorse and is now enjoying retirement with us at Mira Wines. He shares the hillside with three lovely ladies who are always up for any carrots on offer.


Our 10 year old Brittany Spaniel was named after Dionysios (Greek God of wine), years before we ever dreamt of owning a vineyard. 

He loves to run free and wild amongst the vines and be the number one pest to the chooks and the ducks on the dam. Occasionally, his ego gets the better of him and he tries to give the kangaroos a run for their money too!


The Jackson 5

Our five chickens were named by Kiros on a whim and the name has stuck. They free range around the farm and provide us with fresh eggs daily. They love their plush abode, built by us out of recycled and donated materials . 


Our Olives

Having Greek roots, we have both grown up around olives all our lives. Trees lined our front and back yards in Sydney and we watched our parents process these year in year out, not knowing that this was our destiny too, our Mira. 

There is something special about the noble Olive tree - the fruit it produces, the shade it provides, and the fact that it can live for over 1000 years under the right conditions and keep on giving is inspiring. 

We have three varieties of olives on the farm - Picual , Frantoio and Manzanillo. We typically pick some 200kgs most years and preserve them in brine. Adding fresh garlic, dried oregano and our own red chilies for a hint of colour, make for a very tasty addition to any mezze platter. These will be available for purchase in the future.